Industrial Data Communication

Industrial Cellular Routers by INSYS icom

Insys-icom founded in 1992, INSYS icom is a well-established technology partner for professional data communication in the areas of M2M and IoT. The company's product portfolio enables customers to connect their applications where ever and whenever they need to - reliable, user-friendly and secure. 

Therefor INSYS icom provides all necessary components including modems and router, connectivity, VPN and apps for connecting to control centers, clouds, web services and other destinations. 

System integrators, automation experts, and the public sector also use INSYS icom solutions for realizing applications such as remote maintenance and access, condition and IT security monitoring, data logging, processing and transmission, and networking.  

Smart Entry Router / Fault Monitors

Cellular VPN entry routers with monitoring & edge computing function


  • 3G entry routers with VPN functionality

  • Monitoring of I/Os

  • Monitoring of Modbus TCP/RTU devices

  • Alarming via SMS (Also Hebrew) & e-mail

  • Visualization of monitored values and registers

  • 1 LAN interface

  • 2 serial interfaces (RS232/RS485)

  • 2 x 2 digital inputs and outputs

  • Open for own applications (Linux sandbox)

  • Quick start for INSYS Connectivity Service

  • Optional monitoring package for Siemens S7

Basic Industrial Routers

Professional routers for secure and easy
network connection


  • Router and switch in one device

  • Compact design

  • IT security: VPN, stateful fi rewall

  • 2-port switch with 10/100 MBit/s

  • Integrated Linux programming  environment (INSYS sandbox)

  • Quick start for VPN service (INSYS Connectivity Service)

  • Monitoring App for monitoring Siemens LOGO!TM, S7 & Modbus TCP devices

  • Application data can be transferred to cloud services


Smart, Compact VPN Routers

IoT gateways, provide latest technology in a compact, flexible mountable housing


  • LAN and LTE version

  • I/O variants available per version

  • Compact, flat housing

  • Installation in distribution boxes and switch cabinets

  • Wall and DIN rail mounting

  • Interfaces for IP-capable and serial devices

  • Stateful firewall also in VPN tunnel

  • Strengthened operating system

  • Integrated Linux environment for edge computing (icom SmartBox)

  • PPPoE for external ADSL modem

  • Quick start for icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

Monitoring App &

icom Data Suite
Software & Applications

​Monitoring, alarming, visualization
and remote operation in one solution

Monitoring App for IMON & EBW series:

  • Monitoring packages for Siemens LOGO, S7, Modbus TCP/RTU

  • SMS alarming & operating (including Hebrew!)

  • Support of the IoT protocol MQTT

  • Transmission of measurements, events,

       alarms to the Cumulocity Cloud

  • Secure access to monitored device

  • Simultaneous monitoring of several devices

  • No intervention in the program of the monitored device

  • Free updates

  • Intuitive operation via web interface

icom Data Suite for SCR series:

  • Industrial multi-protocol environment (e.g. Modbus, Siemens S7, CODESYS, IEC 60870-5-104 / -101, OPC UA, any serial devices) for connecting and processing application data

  • Visualization of current values via 
    integrated dashboard

  • Easy connection to further cloud services via MQTT

  • Messages via SMS, e-mail, MQTT

  • Integrated administration interface with 
    user and role management

  • Functional enhancements in running operation possible

INSYS Connectivity Service

icom Connectivity Suit - VPN

With the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN, INSYS icom provides a managed service that enables OpenVPN-capable routers, PCs and other devices to communicate in a secure VPN environment.

Integration and management of the devices is very simple: Configuration files and certificates are generated by the service and automatically uploaded to routers of INSYS icom thanks to their quick start wizard. Neither a custom infrastructure nor an IT expert is required.

The icom Connectivity Suite – VPN is much more than a simple VPN service.

  • Device Management

  • Group Management

  • Advanced Group Management

  • Configuration and certificate handling

  • Network monitoring

  • Web proxy

  • Log-Files

  • Quick start for INSYS Smart Devices



Remote Access & IoT

  • Remote control (PLC, HMI, data loggers)

  • Remote Maintenance

  • Condition monitoring

  • Connecting data points

  • Edge computing for IoT applications

  • Modem substitute for devices with Ethernet interface

  • Security

  • Environmental Devices, Supply & Disposal (inc. Water)

  • Energy (electricity)

  • IT & Communications

  • Operational Data Logging

  • Condition Monitroring

  • Remote desktop

  • Video monitoring

  • Displays

  • and much more...

Cyber Security

IT Security

  • Technically

  • Physically

  • Organisationally